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Election predictions for all national races in the United States, as well as governor election predictions. Check back daily for updates.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Update 2: California's 50th District has been moved out of the competitive column, while Colorado's 7th District has moved to a VERY WEAK GAIN for the Democrats.

Update: Arkansas and California are now linked to the new site. I am on a roll here! Hopefully I will complete the state page movement over the weekend. Also, can anyone explain to me how to make a picture that has multiple links in it? I need to put links onto the national overview maps. Thank you!!

I have transferred the first three state pages to the new site. There is a new state overview section on each of the pages. I will continue moving the state pages to that site tonight. If this is your first time here today, scroll down to see the daily polling posted by Sara.


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