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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Election Predictions moving to its own site?

Update: If you would like to help out you can email me at electionpredictions@yahoo.com.

I really want to be able to move this site to its own domain name this year. Network Solutions offers the entire hosting package for $26.94 to register and host www.electionpredictions.us. In order to make this site sustainable, I would need to offer advertising spots in order to generate $14.95 a month after the initial set up fee. I think that is quite doable. However, because I am still a minor, (I will be 18 before Election Day), I have no way to pay for the site and legally am not allowed to put up advertising and generate income until mid-October. Therefore, I will probably have to wait until the next election cycle to move to a unique domain for Election Predictions. (I can't even set up a PayPal to accept donations to fund the move.) Just letting readers know the situation. I don't know if there is any way to get around this situation, unless someone wants to buy the domain for $26.94 and transfer it to us here at Election Predictions! Once this site starts generating revenue and I am old enough to open a PayPal account, I can easily reimburse you. Anyway, I am integrating polls still from this month. Sara is doing money tables, and they look really nice.

Update: I forgot to mention the benefits of a unique domain:

  • Nicer tables
  • Interactive maps
  • Better presentation
  • More features!
  • Bullets that actually appear on the page!


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